Niclas Decker

Master Student

Niclas Decker, currently pursuing a Master degree in  Molecular Bioengineering at CMCB, TU Dresden. His passion for lipids grew during his Bachelor project at the University of Bergen, Norway, where he explored DNA topoisomerase IIα as a polyphosphoinositide-effector protein and became fascinated by the interactions between lipids and proteins in the nucleus and nucleolus. Back in Dresden, he followed on with the lipid research and joined the LMAI team for his master’s project.

Research interests

Niclas’s motivation for joining Fedorova lab was to apply state-of-art lipidomics methods to unravel the underlying mechanisms of ageing. By investigating the lipid profiles and alterations associated with ageing processes, he aims to contribute to understanding longevity and potential strategies for combating age-related diseases. Niclas is particularly interested in developing novel strategies to integrate lipidomics data via multi-omics approaches, as he believes it is crucial for understanding complex biological systems.

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