Postdoc Starting Kit

  • PI:
  • Dr. Zhixu Ni
  • Project title:
  • Apply machine learning and deep learning methods to (epi)lipidomics data analysis
  • Funding period:
  • January 2023 – March 2024
  • Funding organization:
  • Graduate Academy of TU Dresden

Project description:

Comprehensive analysis of (epi)lipidomics data is a challenging task. To deal with large and complex data, comprehensive data analysis pipelines are required. Recent breakthroughs in machine learning and deep learning present promising solutions for lipidomics research. This Postdoc starting kit grant is aimed to boost the progression of the research carrier of Postdocs at TUD. Zhixu Ni uses the grant to be trained in modern machine learning methods by attending professional courses in the area. This learning experience allows him to transfer and apply this technology to (epi)lipidomics research. Postdoc starting kit grant encourage the importance of all-rounded development. It supports postdocs to train soft skills such as mentorship and supervision by offering a project-associated position for student assistance. In this project, Niclas Decker, is recruited to assist with the development of software tools.

Involved LMAI members:

Current projects:

Understanding dynamics of lipid metabolism and oxidation in ferroptotic cell death programme

Ferroptosis as a common underlying pathomechanism in tissue ischemia/reperfusion injury

Pan-European Network in Lipidomics and EpiLipidomcis

Dysregulated systemic release of metabolic and bioactive lipids along hepatocyte-VLDL axis

Extension of the Lipidomics technology platform to include targeted high-throughput phenotyping of lipid metabolism and its remodelling

Apply machine learning and deep learning methods to (epi)lipidomics data analysis

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