Spatially resolved lipidome organization

Diversity is a key principle of Nature organization! Each tissue, cell type, and subcellular organelle has its own lipid composition. Bulk lipidomics analysis allows us deep profiling of native lipidomes, but the spatial resolution of lipid organization gets lost. Not to miss any details on lipid biology, we like to complement our deep dives into the lipidomes with information on lipid lateral distribution in tissues, and even cells. To this end, we are using atmospheric pressure matrix assisted laser desorption ionization (AP MALDI) ion source coupled online to high mass accuracy and resolution MS system to perform mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) experiments. The beauty of MSI, when compared to traditional optical imaging based on labels, is that it can image hundreds of analytes simultaneously in a single experiment (multiplexing!) in an untargeted and label-free manner. The high content of the MSI approach makes it possible to monitor the spatial distribution of lipids along tissue-specific anatomical structures to gain deeper insights into the molecular mechanisms of lipidomes organization.

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