• natalie.werner [at] uniklinikum-dresden.de
  • Tel: +49 351 796-5631
  • Fax: +49 351 796-36699

Natalie Werner

Technical Assistant

Natalie received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Leipzig University in 2022 with bachelor thesis in bioanalytical chemistry. In June 2022 she joined Fedorova Lab as a Lab Technician.

Research interests

As a central part of the lab, Natalie helps us with absolutely everything! Already within the first few months at LMAI, she got familiar with main steps of lipidomics workflows. Now, Natalie is proficient with lipid identification and quantification using the software Lipostar2. In addition to that, she takes care about protein quantification, SDS PAGE, western blot and many other analyses for LMAI team. Last but not least, Natalie takes care about the lab safety and manage all the orders so we always have everything we need for the work.

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