☆ For her poster presentation on “Swift dynamics of plasma membrane repair upon lipid peroxidation-mediated injury” Palina won “Excellent Poster Award” prize at EMBO Workshop “Membrane shaping and remodeling by proteins” , Kunming, China!
☆ For his presentation of LPPtiger2 at 4 th General EpiLipidNET meeting in Toulouse (July 2023), Ni was awarded with the prize for Best Oral Presentation!

For her great presentation at SFRR-Europe meeting in Vienna 2023, Palina received SFRR-Europe Young Investigator Award.The award acknowledges “young researches who presented great science at the meeting and covers attendance of the 2024 SFRR-E congress, which will be held in Istanbul (5 – 7 June 2024)”. 

Michele received Travel Award of the Graduate Academy TU Dresden to attend EMBO workshop “Ferroptosis – when metabolism meets cell death” (April 2023)!

☆  Palina received DIGS-BB Fellow Award for outstanding performance during the 1st year of thesis work! 


☆  Palina received  Euro-BioImaging pilot User Access fund for research stay at the Bulgarian Center for Advanced Microscopy (Euro-Bioimaging Node in Sofia)!

Meeting presentations


☆  13-15.11.2023
presented out work on “Lipidome plasticity in ferroptotic cell death” at the 3 rd Annual Meeting of the DFG SPP2306 on ferroptosis in Heidelberg.

☆  9-12.11.2023
presented the poster entitled “Swift dynamics of plasma membrane repair upon lipid peroxidation-mediated injury” at the EMBO Workshop “Membrane shaping and remodeling by proteins”, Kunming, China.

☆  17.10.2023
gave a keynote talk on “Lipidome plasticity in stress responses” at 18 th GERLI Meeting in Paris.

☆  17-22.09.2023
presented an Invited Lecture at EMBO workshop “Lipid droplets: Metabolic hubs in health and disease”, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain. Her talk was entitled “Using epilipdomics for assessing the role of lipid droplets in lipid quality control”.

☆  12-15.09.2023
gave the talk at the EMBO workshop “Developmental metabolism: flows of energy, matter, and information” in EMBL, Heidelberg with the title “Interwinding metabolic and developmental plasticity in C. elegans: how worms choose between growth and quiescence”.

☆  28.08.2023
presented a keynote lecture at the 8 th Lipidomics Forum, Vienna entitled “Lipidome dynamics at the crossroad between survival and cell death”.

☆  10.07.2023:

At  4th EpiLipidNET General Action meeting in Toulouse  Ni presented the updated LPPtiger2 with corresponding semi-targeted epilipidomics workflow. He gave a talk on “Advancing Epilipid Identification with LPPtiger 2: Enhanced Workflow with Extended Coverage” as well as 2 hours of on-site tutorial. 

!!!  Ni received the award for the Best Oral Presentation!!!

☆  06-09.06.2023:

Palina gave a talk on “Swift dynamics of plasma membrane repair upon lipid oxidation-mediated injury” at  Redox Biology Congress of the Society of Free Radical Research – Europe, Vienna, Austria.
She got an SFRR-E Young Investigator Award, which covers the attendance of the next SFRR-E Congress, in Istanbul in 2024.

☆  14-17.05.2023:

LMAI was well represented at the meeting of German Society of Mass Spectrometry in Dortmund!

Michele presented a talk on “Subcellular lipidomics towards understanding lipid quality control”, Patricia talked about “Deep lipidomic profiling reveals sex dimorphism of lipid metabolism in calcific aortic valve disease”, and Maria gave a keynote presentation on “Deep dive into human lipidome: discovery of tissue specific lipid collectives”.

Maria also took a part in the session organized by Females in Mass Spectrometry ( and talked about the role of networking in her scientific career.

☆  23-27.04.2023:

EMBO workshop “Ferroptosis – when metabolism meets cell death” was co-organized by Marcus Conrad (Helmholtz Center München), Maria, Xuejun Jiang (Memorial Sloan Kettering), and José Pedro Friedmann Angeli (University of Würzburg) in Seeon, Germany. Maria also gave a talk on “Lipidomics signiatures of ferroptotic cells”.

Michele presented a poster on “Lipidome plasticity in adaptation to and execution of ferroptotic cell death”.  Michele  received travel support through the Travel Award of the Graduate Academy TU Dresden.

☆  21.04.2023:

Maria was invited to talk at 9. Mitteldeutschen Laborkonferenz in Leipzig, Germany. She presented a perspective talk entitled “Lipidomics: from research to potential for patient care”.

☆  21.03.2023:

Ni presented the Lipidomics Tools Guide on LIPID MAPS and lipidomics data analysis pipelines at 11th International Singapore Lipid Symposium (iSLS 11) with the talk “Build your data analysis pipeline for lipidomics using LIPID MAPS Lipidomics Tools Guide

☆  20.03-24.03.2023:

Michele presented the Tutorial on Targeted Lipidomics at the Skyline Training Course organized by ISAS Dortmund, Germany.

☆  16.03.2023:

Maria gave a talk on “Lipidomics measures of human health status: what can we learn from human tissue lipidomes” at Gordon Research Conference Metabolomics and Human Health, Lucca (Barga), Italy.


☆  06.12.2022:

At 5 th XMass Updates Symposium by Dresden MS Community   Ni presented the Lipidomics Tools Guide on LIPID MAPS and other updates from the lab with the talk “Build your data analysis pipeline for lipidomics

☆  24.11.2022:

Ni was invited to present our current workflows for the analysis of (epi)Lipids at online HBUT Academic forums #232 with the talk “Full stack data analysis and integration workflow of LC-MS/MS based (epi)Lipidomics

☆  15.11.2022:

Palina presented the talk on “LC-MS epilipidomics platform for detection of oxidized lipids” at  Annual Meeting of SPP 2306 “Ferroptosis: from Molecular Basics to Clinical Applications” which we hosted in Dresden. 

☆  02.11.2022:

Ni presented major bioinformatics solutions from LMAI team including LipidHunter2, LPPtiger2, and LipidLynxX at Metabolomics/Lipidomics Symposium in Helsinki, Finland with the talk “LC-MS based (epi)Lipidomics data analysis and integration workflows

☆  26.10.2022:

Ni was invited to give an online workshop on LPPtiger2 and its applications to LC-MS/MS datasets supported by step-by-step tutorial at Virtual Podium AsiaPacific (VPAP) 2022 – “LPPtiger2 software for prediction and identification of epilipids from LC-MS/MS datasets

☆  10.10.2022:

Michele was talking about “In-depth and high-throughput Lipidomics solutions with Lipostar” at E uropean Training and User Meeting Molecular Discovery, Lead Molecular Design and Molecular Horizon, Montelino, Italy.

☆  21-23.09.22:

LMAI team went to the  3 rd  EpiLipidNET General Action meeting in Aveiro, Portugal!

Ni presented the main functions of LipidLynxX tool hosted by LIPID MAPS with the talk “LipidLynxX: a data transfer hub to support integration of large scale lipidomics datasets”.

Palina gave the talk on “LC-MS/MS epilipidomics of esterified oxylipins”.

Michele presented the poster on “Understanding cellular lipid remodelling by subcellular lipidomics” and  Patricia on “Analytical steps towards deciphering the human aortic valve tissue lipidome”.

This photo was taken at the conference dinner with LMAI team and researchers who visited us that year (Manuela, Thomai and Johanna)!

☆  19-23.06.2022:

Maria took part at  18th International Conference of the Metabolomics Society, Valencia, Spain with three oral presentations!

She presented talks “Moving towards human tissue reference lipidomes” at Workshop Clinical Lipidomics, and “Experimental design for lipidomics” at ThermoFisher Scientific Lunch Presentations. And finally the keynote talk on “Lipidomics and epilipidomics signature of human obesity and insulin resistance”.

Moreover,  Patricia presented the poster on “Analytical steps towards deciphering the human aortic valve tissue lipidome”.

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